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Post-Acute Care Legal Nurse Practitioner Course

  • Training dates: 11/05/22, 11/12/22, 11/19/22 and 11/26/22 from 2-3 pm ET.

This course was designed to assist the nurse or medical professional interested in becoming a Legal Nurse Practitioner (LNP) in understanding the role and job duties of the LNP.

The Legal Nurse Practitioner should be familiar with nursing, or the profession of providing care for the sick, as well as nursing standards that outline proper conduct for the nurse in a professional capacity. That knowledge, along with the Legal Nurse Practitioner’s extensive education, analytical skills, and clinical experience, are the necessary talents associated with becoming a Legal Nurse Practitioner.

This highly interactive session will empower students with the information, strategy, and skills necessary for aspiring Legal Nurse Practitioners. Healthcare education and training improves job performance, job readiness, and staff development.

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