The Institute of Post-Acute Care offers a suite of services depending on the audience or needs of a facility. These services include in-person and online training, certification programs, online competencies, educational materials, conferences, consulting services, speaking engagements, and many other services all aimed at providing the most relevant topics and ongoing changes in the post-acute setting.


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PAC Certification Programs Onsite

Our onsite training provides your nurses with the opportunity to obtain the PAC-RN, PAC-CSE or PAC-NL certifications in their respective facility. These certification programs allow one of our experts to come to directly to your facility and work directly with your staff.  Set a date and conference room and let INsPAC handle the rest! Our faculty will deliver the entire program onsite and will customize the training utilizing your current facility needs, measures and surveys.  

Mock Survey

InsPAC will send one of our leading experts to your facility to conduct a full survey and assessment of your facility or program of choice. We will work with your designated facility Point of Contact to set a date and the plans for the visit. We will provide an entrance briefing, exit briefing and will provide a preliminary report prior to our exit. Full report and assessment will be sent to the facility within 72 hours. Allow us to join your team and ensure survey readiness.

Online Competencies

Our Online Competency Programs allow staff to access relevant course topics designed to provide them with the the knowledge, understanding, and synthesis of key regulatory and compliance topics affecting the ever-changing landscape in post-acute care. These competencies are self-directed and provide staff with the flexibility to learn at their own pace in both their work and home settings.

Facility Program

Certification and Renewal

PAC certified trainer will review the facility’s current training program, make recommendations and a curriculum finalized after review by the PAC team. Each facility must designate a program coordinator. PAC staff will provide a training overview with the coordinator to ensure compliance with the certification program. The PAC-RN is the only approved course for facilities. The leadership and staff educator programs are only provided online at the Institute of Post-Acute Care University.


All approved training programs must be 3 days or 24 hours minimum. Facilities must submit training dates in advance to InsPAC. Facility onboarding programs may meet this requirement. All trainings for certification must happen once a month. No limit to number of facility participants. All application for students in the same cohort must be submitted by program coordinator. Test code will be emailed to participant.  Once test is completed with a pass grade of 80%.  Certificate will be issued and credentials can be used.

Our interactive, self-paced modules cover key topics in long term care including the survey process, survey readiness, staff education, leadership, regulatory compliance and standards, infection control, HIPAA, etc. all focused on ensuring staff have the most current and evidence-based skills, knowledge, and tools to ensure their success in the post-acute setting.

Speaking Engagements

Book any of our expert faculty or advisory staff to speak at any engagement based on their area of specialty. Book one of our faculty or advisors for your organization’s program – available in person Live or Web Based- consider us for your next team meeting, Employee recognition program, Nurses Week or other Event. Our faculty are leading experts in their respective fields and are available to present on a number of topics – check out our Faculty and Advisor page for more information.

Awards and Nominations


The Institute of Post-Acute Care recognizes the importance of superior achievement and being “Best in Class.” Elite honors, awards, and nominations such as AHCA/NCAL’s National Quality Award and Leading Age’s annual awards elevates a company’s status and credibility, attracts new employees and customers, promotes best practices, and improves company morale.


Our expert InsPAC advisors, programs, training, and resources can help prepare your staff and organization to receive these top honors, as well as many others in your local and state communities. 

InsPAC’s “Excellence in Care Awards” also recognize post-acute care nurses and providers who go above and beyond the call of duty and are dedicated to quality care.

InsPAC Awards

Nominations are accepted in these five categories:  


  • PAC Nurse Leader of the Year 

  • PAC Nurse of the Year (RN/LPN)

  • Nurse Advocate of the Year 

  • PAC-Staff Educator of the Year  

  • PAC Facility of the Year


Staff and facilities that provide post-acute care, including long-term care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and home health agencies are eligible for consideration. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominees must be current staff members of post-acute care communities and may not have received the award in the past three years.   


Eligibility varies by award. Please review the description and criteria for each. 


Award Criteria


PAC Nurse Leader of the Year 

Nurse leaders in post-acute care play a significant role in ensuring the highest quality patient care. They are dedicated and ethical. They lead by example, promote a team approach, and are exemplary leaders. In addition, they are committed to compassionate care and advocate for their patients and staff. The PAC Nurse Leader of the Year is innovative, visionary, experienced, patient-focused, and positive.  



PAC Nurse of the Year 

The Post-Acute Care Nurse of the Year is an empathetic, compassionate, and caring nursing professional who is organized. They successfully juggle many different tasks and patients.  This licensed practical, licensed vocational nurse or registered nurse puts patient safety and high-quality person-centered care at the forefront. In addition, they are an excellent communicator, have extensive clinical knowledge, and are an effective collaborator.


Nurse Advocate of the Year  

The Nurse Advocate of the Year is an exemplary nursing professional specializing in advocacy on behalf of their patients to maintain quality care and protect patients’ rights. Qualities include persistence, knowledge of long-term care and healthcare systems, and empathy. They also have strong communication skills and the ability to assess and measure information. 


PAC Staff Educator of the Year

The PAC Staff Educator of the Year is an exemplary nurse, teacher, role model, and mentor to current and future nurses and other staff members in clinical settings, Inservice programs, and classrooms. They have a passion for lifelong learning. They are inspiring, patient, empathetic, and collaborative. They also exhibit excellent communication and interpersonal skills and embrace learning.  


PAC Facility of the Year

The PAC Facility of the Year is a visionary and innovative community committed to ethical practices, organizational excellence, and outstanding person-centered care. Residents, staff, organization leaders, and family members are valued. Leaders and staff members are professional, collaborative, and dedicated. They promote patient-first practices, utilize effective decision-making and are committed to creating a positive quality of life for residents and a positive work environment for staff. Excellent care, customer and workforce satisfaction, and safety are systematic, data-driven, and evidence-based.  



Nominations Are Now Being Accepted for InsPAC Awards


The awards committee is now accepting nominations. The annual awards are an opportunity to honor and recognize the very best nursing staff and facilities in post-acute care while honoring their contributions to the profession.

If you would like to make a nomination, please complete this form, and submit it by clicking on the “submit” link at the bottom. Before sending in the nomination, attach any supporting documents in the form of PDFs. You are allowed up to 20 pages of supporting documents. The deadline to submit InsPAC award nominations is 12/2/2021 at 5:00 pm ET.  


For more information, contact the Institute of Post-Acute Care at

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    Major achievements
    Qualities that make this individual/facility exceptional and deserving of the award nomination.  

    Describe how the nominee serves as an exemplary leader and role model for others in post-acute care. 

    Give specific examples of how the nominee promotes the highest quality person-centered care. 

    Describe how the nominee is an outstanding nurse in the field (for individual awards)

    Describe how the nominee exhibits leadership and teamwork skills. (for individual awards)

    Give examples of how the nominee supports the rights of patients or residents.  

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