Nominations & Awards

The Institute of Post-Acute Care recognizes the importance of superior achievement and being “Best in Class.” Elite honors, awards, and nominations like AHCA/NCAL’s National Quality Award and Leading Age’s annual awards elevates a company’s status and credibility, attracts new employees and customers, promotes best practices, and improves company morale. Our InsPAC advisors, programs, training, and resources can help prepare your staff and organization to receive these top honors, as well as many others in your local and state communities. InsPAC’s “Excellence in Care Awards” also recognizes post-acute care staff and providers who go beyond the call of duty and are dedicated to quality care. Staff and facilities that provide post-acute care, including long-term acute care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and home health agencies are eligible for consideration. Self-nominations are accepted.

InsPAC Awards

Eligibility varies by award. Carefully review the description and criteria for each award. Nominations are accepted in the following categories:

  • PAC Nurse Executive of the Year
  • PAC Director of Nursing Leader of the Year
  • PAC Nurse Leader of the Year
  • PAC Registered Nurse of the Year
  • PAC Licensed Practical Nurse of the Year
  • PAC Staff Educator of the Year
  • PAC Home Care and Hospice Practitioner of the Year
  • PAC VC of the year
  • PAC CNA of the year
  • PAC Facility of the Year Eligibility
  • PAC Nursing Home Administrator of the Year
  • Self Nominations are welcome
  • Nominees must be current staff members of post-acute care communities and may not have received the award in the past three years.

Nomination Process

To make a nomination, an application must be submitted with a listing of major achievements and attached with supporting documentation in Adobe document format. The supporting documents must not exceed 20 pages. The application should include:

  • Narration of demonstrated qualities that make the individual/facility exceptional and deserving of the award nomination.
  • Description of how the nominee serves as an exemplary leader and role model for others in post-acute care.
  • Specific examples of how the nominee promotes the highest quality person-centered care.
  • Description of how the nominee is an outstanding nurse in the field (for individual awards).
  • Description of how the nominee exhibits leadership and teamwork skills. (for individual awards)
  • Examples of how the nominee supports the rights of patients or residents
  • Additional supporting files

Nomination and Awards Form

Nominees must be current staff members of post-acute care communities and may not have received the award in the past three years.

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*all Nominations are forwarded to InsPAC Standards of Excellence Advisory Board for review and adjudication.

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