Post-Acute Care Vendor Certified (PAC-VC) Certification Examination

A vendor or provider in a post-acute care setting is an individual who works to provide goods and services in a post-acute care setting. Vendors serve the post-acute care industry as representatives of their employers.

Eligibility for the PAC-VC Examination

  • Pharmaceutical representatives and sales representatives servicing the post-acute care sector are eligible.
  • New and experienced representatives are encouraged to become certified.

About the PAC-VC Certification Examination

The Post-Acute Care Vendor Certified examination is a unique certification for vendors and providers who service the post-acute care sector. The PAC-VC certification is the only certification program for vendors and providers to become certified. Certification as a PAC-VC demonstrates commitment and competency in post-acute care. The examination assesses general knowledge of the post-acute care environment. You will have three hours to complete the proctored examination.

  1. The proctored examination is available any time (24/7) after registration and acceptance of the application for the exam.
  2. The examination includes multiple-choice questions randomly selected from a test bank. You are required to achieve a passing grade of 80% or higher to be certified as a post-acute care certified professional in your area of practice.
  3. InsPAC offers preparatory courses for all the PAC certifications for a fee, but the InsPAC courses are not mandatory or a requisite for taking the certification exam. Test takers are free to prepare for the exam with any other educational provider.
  4. CEUs are not offered for the examination.
  5. If you have a disability requiring additional accommodations, please contact us at prior to registering for the examination.
  6. Price: $399
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