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One-Stop Online Onboarding and Real-Time Training Solution

Our innovative onboarding program for clinical and non-clinical personnel is aimed at reducing the educational load, avoiding onboarding shortcomings, leading to cost savings, and offering simple compliance tracking. This program has been created to simplify the onboarding experience, making it smoother and more successful for both staff members and the company.

Our training program offers 24/7 access, easy compliance reporting with a push of a button, and fully customizable courses. The program also includes a database for facility policies and procedures, competency quizzes, and supplemental certifications available to enhance the learning experience. This comprehensive training solution provides everything needed to succeed in the workplace.

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The One-Stop Online Onboarding and Real-Time Training Solution for nursing homes is a comprehensive platform designed to provide nursing home staff with convenient and efficient access to training and educational resources.


  • 24/7 Access: with 24/7 access, staff can complete their training at any time and from any location, making it easy to fit training into their busy schedules.
  • Compliance Tracking : this feature ensures that staff members are up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards. It allows administrators to track the progress of each employee’s training and ensure that they meet the necessary requirements.
  • Customizable Courses: customizable courses cater to the specific needs of each nursing home.
  • Policy Database: it is a valuable resource that provides access to up-to-date policies and procedures for nursing homes. Staff members can easily access and review these policies to ensure they are adhering to the latest standards.
  • Competency Tests: included in the platform to help administrators assess the knowledge and skills of their staff. This allows them to identify areas where additional training may be necessary. 
  • Proctored exam: providing an enhanced level of examination integrity and accountability specifically designed for nursing homes. 
  • Certifications Offered: Certifications Offered through the platform can help staff members to enhance their credentials and demonstrate their expertise in specific areas. 
  • IP restriction: it is a security feature that limits access to the platform to authorized users within the nursing home’s network, ensuring the safety and privacy of sensitive information.
  • Plan of Correction training (add-on): provides staff with training on how to address and correct identified deficiencies in their facility.
  • Mandatory on-site training (add-on): platform offers an on-site trainer for mandatory annual training add-on, providing a more personalized training experience for staff members.

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