Merger and Acquisitions Services

This program is highly recommended to ensure due diligence after a merger and/or acquisition. Additionally, all post-acute care facilities are encouraged to utilize this comprehensive program to assess and assure the effectiveness of current facility programs.

Our PAC-certified trainers will work with your team to review the facility’s environment, focusing on staff competencies, educational standards, policies and procedures, and facility-wide systems and processes. There is intense interaction, needs assessment, and evaluation of resources for the entire interdisciplinary department. Each facility must designate a program coordinator. Before and during the visit. PAC staff will provide a training overview with the coordinator to ensure compliance with the certification program. Facility assessments anticipate at least three days or 24 hours of uninterrupted onsite visits. The dates are mutually agreed upon in advance to maximize the benefit of the exercise and minimize disruption to the normal clinical and business operation of the facility. Assessment of the facility’s onboarding process, the adequacy, and cycle of training programs, and evaluation of staff competencies at operational and leadership levels of all sections of the facility are key in our facility certification program.

Request for Mergers and Acquisition Services Form

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