Joshua J. Freitas

Ph.D(c), M.ED, B.M, PAC-DC

Joshua J. Freitas is an award-winning memory care program developer, researcher, and author. His care and training philosophies have been featured in prominent publications, including Long-Term Living Magazine, Healthcare Provider Magazine, Science Today Magazine, local news channels, and much more. Freitas serves as the Chief Research Officer for the CERTUS Institute and the Vice President of Program Development at CERTUS Senior living, LLC, where he oversees memory care philosophy and initiatives throughout the company.

Currently, Freitas is a Doctoral student at California Institute of Integral Studies where he focuses on Clinical Gerontology and Aging Neuroscience. He has also studied Non-Pharmacological Healthcare at Lesley University, Healthcare Economics at Harvard University, and Music Education and Music Therapy at Berklee College of Music. Freitas holds five certifications related to dementia care and serves on the National Institute for Dementia Education’s SOE council advisory boards.

Through his two recent book publications, The Dementia Concept and Joining Grandma’s Journey, Freitas hopes to change the way society views individuals who are living with Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia. A dementia diagnosis should not be viewed as the end of life. “To break the stigmas that impede progress and quality care,” Freitas says, “we must all advocate for those with memory loss, and support their families and friends.”

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