Become a Member of InsPAC

Become a Member of InsPAC

Membership in the Institute of Post-Acute Care (InsPAC) reaffirms your dedication to continuing education and quality of care in the post-acute care setting. Our goal is to provide you with evidence-based education, collaborative engagement, and networking with peers across the post-acute care continuum.

Enrollment keeps you engaged with and informed of current healthcare information as well as changes in regulations in acute and post-acute care environments.

Being a member of InsPAC is a commitment that demonstrates your pledge to engage in collaborative discussions and provide safe, quality care for your residents.

Benefits and Advantages of INSPAC Membership:

  • Quarterly newsletter via digital publications regarding developments in the healthcare community with updates on regulatory changes, along with occasional special announcements from the InsPAC team and the Standards of    Excellence Team.
  • Discounts to InsPAC seminars and conferences online.
  • InsPAC Mentorship Program — a great way to connect with experts in your field, gain confidence and advance your career.
  • Join special-interest working groups online and establish a social and professional network with like-minded professionals across the country.
  • Scholarships available for students in any healthcare-related profession.
  • Quarterly educational programs, many of which will offer CEUs for nurses!
  • Access to timely, reliable webinar presentations by expert speakers.
  • Opportunity to serve on our Standards of Excellence Team
  • Targeted certification, educational programs and CEUs.
  • Targeted networking opportunities with peers.
  • Presentation opportunities with InsPAC.
  • Monthly meetings with your cohort.

Instant benefits of InsPAC Membership:

  • Up to 15% off education and certification opportunities!
  • Synthesized and delineated updates on complex CMS regulations and requirements.
  • Need-to-know briefings regarding the changing post-acute care landscape.
  • Regular communication in the form of emails, as well as digital newsletters and articles.

Enduring Benefits of InsPAC Membership

  • Opportunities to grow your career through speaking engagements, writing and blog submissions, and our outstanding mentoring program.
  • Contribution to the enhancement of post-acute care by participating in advocacy efforts and volunteering.

Educational & Professional Development Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals

The Institute of Post-Acute Care (InsPAC) provides its members with evidence-based educational offerings that enhance their ability to provide quality care for residents in the post-acute care environment. Join the InsPAC family where you can learn, network with peers, earn continuing education units (CEUs) and advance your career in post-acute care.

Become a Member of InsPAC

What we offer

  • Targeted Certification Courses
  • Educational Programs in Acute & Post-Acute Care Arenas
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Strong Networking – Learn from peers who understand your daily struggles

InsPAC offers several educational programs and conferences throughout the year as well as certification programs for healthcare professionals in the acute and post-acute care settings. These programs and conferences have been specially designed with practical examples that will help healthcare professionals operate at an advanced level, building a highly-developed set of skills and knowledge to meet the challenge of healthcare reforms throughout the globe and across the healthcare continuum.

InsPAC Membership

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